Thursday, August 9, 2012

Catching Up

It's so hard to keep up with blogging with two babies at my feet! I don't know how other moms stay so on top of it! (This is the part where I tell myself "no comparisons, no comparisons, no comparisons".) Every mama chooses different ways to spend the rare half hour (if they're lucky) they get to themselves. Lately, I've spent mine cleaning, sewing just a little, and sending out designs from my Etsy Shop, Freckled Fonts. Maybe, just maybe, after this big "catch up" post, I can keep up a bit better.

Let's start with July...

A few weeks ago, it rained. A rarity during any Texas summer. 
It seemed the perfect opportunity to cross something off of our "Summer Bucket List"
and play in the rain. Allie wasn't too sure about it at first, but we had fun getting "soakin' wet"
on a Sunday evening.

Me and my precious babies!

A good part of our July 4th was spent with friends and
family at our neighborhood pools. I have the best husband in the world. See how
he spent part of his 4th? Feeding our sweet boy while I got a break to play
with Allie in the pools. I love seeing him already building a
relationship with Wyatt.

Allie and her sweet little BFF, Eisley in their matching swimsuits.

Sweet Wyatt enjoying the shade by the pool.

(I'm just realizing how many July 4th photos I picked for this post. Oh well.)

Here's my little patriotic girl saying "CHEESE" and then "hurry up, mom".

Though little Wyatt hasn't made it into the water yet this summer,
he's become a pretty good poolside buddy for mama. I think his shirt
was pretty appropriate for this shot.

Allie is loving Wyatt's new attentiveness to all that she does. She loves to share toys, "read" books, and talk to him now.

Wyatt l-o-v-e-s bath time. Just one more way he is Allie's opposite.

Thank you, Shutterfly, for 10 free note cards, so that I could finally pull the trigger on ordering a few little announcements for Wyatt.

Allie and I planted some beans a couple of weeks ago. They grew so fast, and were doing great...until this mama forgot to water them all weekend last weekend, and they dried up. My poor girl shed a few tears as we dumped them into the trash can and started over. We'll plant them in dirt next time, and hopefully have some better end results.

My precious Memaw celebrated her retirement from teaching Sunday School in July. She taught for 69 years. I think that's long enough, don't you? I can't imagine all of the people she impacted with her wisdom and grace through all of those years of teaching. So thankful I got to be one of them.

One of my favorite people on the planet, my sweet Memaw.

Wyatt is still charming us all with his baby blue's.

Last week, Allie said she wanted to give Wyatt "everyfing". She meant it. There is a serious "Where's Waldo" situation happening in this picture. Can you spot the baby? :)

I'm guessing this is yet another 4th of July photo. Yes, I realize it's nerdy to dress kids up for such occasions, but I just really can't help myself. (Thanks, mom.)

Well, that's just a little glimpse into all that's been happening in our world over the past few weeks! Maybe I can set a goal to keep up for the month of August? We'll see.

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Katy Evans said...

Good reminder: No comparisons, No comparisons!! I'm glad you invest time and love into your babies...and when you have a free moment, I'm also glad you blog. :-) I always enjoy catching up with your fam!