Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Well, get out the Kleenex. No matter how hard I try, I still haven't figured
out a way to keep her from growing so fast. 

Allie has been asking about getting a "big girl bed" for a few weeks. She's seen that her
little friends are no longer in their cribs, and learned that (when mommy isn't looking)
one can sneak onto a "big girl bed" and jump to their hearts content. Allie has had a lot of 
struggles falling/staying asleep since Wyatt was born. He is an excellent night time sleeper, so I
know he's not waking her up. It must just be part of her dealing with such a huge transition.

Anywho, we finally decided to bite the bullet (whatever that means) and transition her
to a big girl bed. I didn't tell her about it until the day of. I took the kiddies to Target to pick out
pillows, sheets, and a bed skirt. When we got there, and I made sure we were nowhere near any
ugly or primary-colored sheets, I told Allie she would be getting a big girl bed that night, and she
could pick out any sheets to go on it.

Her response? An inappropriately-loud "yay" followed by lots of clapping, and
eventually an "I can't be-yieve it, Mommy!"

I'm not even going to try to pretend that I wasn't super excited about decorating her room.
We didn't do much to it when we moved, so I had lots of cute little ideas I'd been saving up.

I ordered a set of multi-sized embroidery hoops, and began laying out zillions of my
favorite fabrics in my stash to see what might work. I LOVE the way it turned out!

The pieced, square pillow I made is one of my favorite parts of the room. It pulls all of the
wall-hangings in together, and I love the fabrics! (The fabric on the right side of the pillow
is the fabric I used to make Allie's crib bedding before she was born. I love that I had enough
to use for this new project for her!)

The doily pillow is one of my favorite things from my sweet Memaw's house. She gave it to us
when she heard Allie's bedding print was doilies. Such a treasure!

Laying on her bed, using her "noc-lu-lars" to look "high in the sky".

It was a nice little outlet for this mama to have some creative time! I miss my sewing!

Our big girl loves her new room and bed. She's only climbed out of it twice in about 10 days,
so I'd say it's been pretty successful so far.

Honestly, I'm just dreading the time either a) she shows up at my bedside in the middle of the night and I scream and scare her to death, or b) I wake up in the morning and walk in to see her sitting in the living room and I scream and scare her to death. Both are probably inevitable.

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Katy Evans said...

1. What a sweet, girly room! Way to go Allie!
2. We have the same big sister book, and I love it! I had bought another one awhile back, and it was AWFUL! It talked about how little brothers are annoying and break your toys! My mom gave Ginger the one that y'all have, and I like it much better. :-)