Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What to Do with 2

Recently, I spent Allie's nap time blog-hopping. I came across this beautiful post at the Roberson Family's blog, and it encouraged me in a way I didn't know I even needed.

I knew I had fears and concerns about what life would be like when we became a family of 4 in just a few weeks. This just put lots of them into words. So grateful that lots of other mama's go through the same thought processes and make it through!

She wrote about 10 things she wished she'd been told as she was welcoming Baby #2 into her family.

(via Pinterest)

1.  Yes, no matter how much you love #1, you will love #2 equally.  But maybe not right at first in the same way.  Remember when #1 was born and you loved them right away?  That love has evolved into the kind where you know them inside and out.  You have to get to know #2, but you'll get there.  You'll still love them right away and you won't even realize when it changes to the inside out kind.  I promise.

2.  You haven't destroyed your relationship with #1 by bringing in #2.  You've strengthened it.  And it's okay that they no longer get 100% of your attention during the day, they're going to be better people because of it.  I promise.

3.  By making them the older sibling, you haven't forced them to grow up before they're ready.  They're still the same kid you had before #2.  I promise.

4.  It's okay to put #2 down and snuggle up with #1 in the hospital bed, and when they'd rather play with with whatever cool medical stuff they can find in the hospital room, it doesn't mean they're taking anything out on you.  I promise.  

5.  You're going to have a split second when you're going to wonder about #2 and if they'll be as great as #1.  They will be.  I promise.  

6.  When you're feeding #2 and #1 does something terrible, they're not trying to tell you you're a bad parent.  They're testing your boundaries.  This might sound totally rational now, but the thought will cross your mind. You're a great parent.  I promise.  

7.  There will come times when you'll have to choose between the two and #1 will get the short end of the stick.  It's okay.  You can make it up to them later.  They won't hold it against you, and they'll still turn into good people.  I promise.  

8.  It's okay to call your friends and freak out a little.  Call one that already has two kids.  She understands.  I promise.  

9.  Trust your "Mommy Sense".  You know what you're doing this time around.  I promise.

10.  Everything's going to be fine.  There's a happy ending.  You'll sleep again someday.  I promise. 

...There's more thoughts to add to this post, but I'll split it up, because this one's already a bit long with the list. :) 


Bon&Bud said...

It is really comforting that someone sle has the same thoughts that I do. I am so glad that you posted this. I have moments of "panic" where I have the exact same thoughts that the original blogger had while she was waiting for her c-section. Thank you for posting!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you posted this as well! I've wondered how I would emotionally bond with number two while worrying about number one. I think it may be hard in the hospital to enjoy time with number two because I'll be so worried about number one, where she is, who has her, and missing her. :-/ I'm definitely planning to tell the hospital that I will stay only one night this time around so I can go home and be with both of my little girls. :-) I know the Lord will teach me a lot through this time!

Katy Evans said...

Perfect. Thanks for this, sweet friend!