Thursday, February 16, 2012

Countdown {9 Weeks}

Umm...9 weeks.

8 Weeks if we end up inducing at 39 weeks like my doctor is discussing.

What the world?! (And yes, it's still this shocking to me, even with a growing baby punching me in the bladder as I type this.)

It's just so surreal the 2nd time around. The first pregnancy is all magic and wonder and unexpected things. The second pregnancy is still magic and wonder, but a lot less surprises. I've spent half of this pregnancy thinking "Didn't I just do this? Didn't we just have a baby?!"

Don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy a lot of aspects of being pregnant. I love getting to feel this sweet baby boy move all the time. I love that Allie wants to kiss my belly goodnight. I love trying to figure out whether he's poking me with knees, elbows, hands, or feet. I love letting Adam feel the baby move. I love the anticipation of meeting him in just a few weeks! I've hit the 31 week mark this are a few things I'm pretty much hating: Heartburn. So. Much. Heartburn. Baby acrobatics in the middle of the night. My bladder becoming a punching bag. And need we discuss the maternity pants that feel like they may or may not fall down at any moment?

9 more weeks.

For the few who've asked, here's the first picture we've taken of
my growing belly during this entire pregnancy.

31 Weeks


Bon&Bud said...

You look great!!!! You should do a side by side comparison with a picture at about the same time with Allie.

Freckled Pink said...

Thanks! That's a good idea! I'll have to get out my hard drives and see if I can find those pictures! :)

Michelle said...

I agree! You look great! :-) 9 weeks... Wow! So exciting!