Saturday, February 11, 2012

Project 52 {52:6}

So I tried, this week, to come up with a fun, creative, "topsy-turvy or chaotic" photo idea to post (from Paint The Moon's theme options), but it just didn't happen.

I found out midway through the week we would be going to spend the morning Friday at an indoor trampoline park, so I was sure I'd get some crazy shots there. Not so much, for my little girl!

Therefore, this week I'm going with Styleberry Blog's theme of making memories for my family.

{theme: motherhood is...}

Motherhood is...always entertaining.

{Allie in her favorite yellow jammies.}

We have some good friends who have been generous enough to let us use hand-me-downs for the past year or so. These little yellow jammies were in a bag of hand-me-down's sometime last summer. They are size 18 months (keep in mind my Allie is 2). While cleaning out her jammie drawer (have I said "jammie" too many times already?), she discovered them.

Now, let me preface this with the fact that last summer, when we first received them, she was mildly obsessed with them. And by "mildly", I mean, she would scream and cry any time we took them off, and basically wanted to wear them 24-hours a day.

Here is one picture of a time I had forced her into "regular clothes" to run errands last year:

She was overjoyed to find the "yellow jammies". After much begging, I told her I'd see if they still fit.
I kid you not, she wore them for a full 24 hours. And let me tell you - that was an adventure since she's now potty trained!

It was hilarious.

I know this is rather long for a Project 52 post, but there was a good story to go with the photo, so I couldn't resist. Motherhood is just funny.

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