Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Countdown {10 Weeks}

{10 Weeks}

I have previously blogged countdowns to both my wedding, and the birth of our first baby, so I'm here to continue the countdowns.

It's 10 weeks until my due date with our sweet baby boy! Here's the {short} list of what we've actually accomplished:

  • Bought furniture. {CraigsList is basically amazing in this department. We got amazing solid wood furniture for an amazing price.}
  • Bought 8 Boy-ish Onesies.
  • Dug out all of the newborn things that we might be able to use for our little guy. {Changing table pad, Bumbo seat, and soon, the car seat, swing, bouncer, and stroller.}
That's it. That's IT. 10 weeks to go, and much left to accomplish.

This week, I'm enjoying feeling lots of baby movements just about all the time. Little feet underneath my right ribs, hiccups several times a day, and big movements all over.

Having seen 2 good friends deliver their little ones in the past week, the reality of this baby's upcoming arrival has become much more real! Though I dread the sleepless nights (and days), I am so looking forward to meeting our little man, seeing who he looks like and what his personality turns into, and finding out what Allie will think of him.

10 weeks. 70 days. It will be here soon!

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Michelle said...

Well you are definitely further along in preparation than I am!! I'm sure his nursery is going to be adorable! Have you decided on a color theme yet? It must be so fun buying little boy things! I'm so excited for y'all!

I have to agree that I'm not super excited about being up every couple of hours during the night with a newborn. It will be fun at first but I sure have become accustomed to my whole nights sleep again after Abigail finally started sleeping through the night! Haha... I know God will give much grace though! :-)