Friday, August 12, 2011


It's official. I. Love. Pinterest. Like, more than Facebook, more than blogs, more than pretty much any other site you could name. I mean, it's like a stunning web-haven for all things pretty. If you're a crafter, like myself, even more so! Not to mention how nice it is to finally have all of the craft ideas I come across logged in one spot for my browsing pleasure. Yes, that's right - I'm convinced Pinterest was invented just for this girl. I'm obsessed. My husband even looked into buying stock in the company - not even joking - because I spend so much time on it. {I should probably be embarrassed about that, but I'm not!}

The kicker is - for me, at least, putting the amazing, beautiful ideas I find to good use! I spent a few weeks on Pinterest before I attempted my first "Pinterest Craft". I made some rolled fabric roses. They turned out great! {After a great many burns to my fingertips.} I'm making it a goal to do a new "Pinterest Craft" once every couple of weeks. At least 2 a month.

Since we're getting our house ready to sell, and looking to move soon, home decor is one of my very favorite Pinterest searches. If our new home looks anything remotely like the things on my Home Decor or DIY Home Decor pin-boards, I'll be pretty stinkin' happy.

I think I'll try out 'Pinterest Fridays' on my blog. I'd love to have any friends link up with me and post your favorite Pinterest finds of the week!

Pink rainbow cake? Yes. Considering
asking my mom to make this for Allie's
2nd birthday in December. LOVE it.

LOVE this gorgeous lettering.
This would be on my front door already
if it weren't too "personal". {We're trying to
de-personalize since we're getting ready to sell!}
Photographs. I'm addicted to 'em. I love this
concept for a gallery wall when we move, and
love all the black and white pictures. I think I'd like to
use more decorative frames, though.
Lastly, this beautiful print from
Designs by Abby Lynn's blog. I just pinned
it today. Goes perfectly with my eucharisteo
season of life right now. Thankfulness.


Bon&Bud said...

Are ya'll going to stay in the same area?

Freckled Pink said...

Bonnie - We are moving out toward Keller, closer to our church. I'm so excited to get into a bigger house that we can grow into!

Bon&Bud said...

How exciting! It's a good area!

Amy G said...

That sounds so cool, I need to check it out!

Kristina Clemens said...

I'm so with you! Pinterest is my vice (if something so entertaining and beautiful can be called that!) LOVE! =)
Kristina J.