Monday, August 22, 2011

A Picture Post

Aren't they all? Picture posts, I mean. What fun is a blog to browse without pictures, anyway?

So, I basically stunk at blogging last week. I didn't do it once! Things are CRAZY in our neck of the woods. We are in the home stretch of getting our house ready to sell, house hunting, and just doing life in general on top of all that. It's a lot! Add in chasing our recently-active-climber, miss Allie, and we're exhausted these days! Here's a bit of what we've been up to...

We've been visiting the museum more lately, since it's air conditioned, and
it's a ZILLION degrees outside {still}. Allie's favorite part? the fountain
out the heat...of course.

She's a little timid about it, but she loves watching it "make bubbles".

Bubble Excitement.

Not sure if she was waving, saluting, or what...but the smile is killer. :)

Tiny girl next to the giant fountain. Playing in bubbles.

Allie's favorite activity lately is playing jumping in her crib.
Baby-in-tow, of course.

It FINALLY rained!!! As promised, we went outside and played in it.
It was glorious.

"What's this, mommy?" Rain!!!

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