Friday, April 29, 2011

16 Months Old


You turn 16-months-old tomorrow, April 30th. I keep expecting time to slow down, but it's just speeding up!

You are so very active these days; a full-fledged toddler, no doubt. You rarely ever walk anywhere anymore, you just run. Your little feet make the cutest pitter-patter on our wood floors! You are learning more every day! 

You L-O-V-E your baby dolls. Melts my heart!

Activities you enjoy:
   You love practicing letter sounds with mama. Several times a day, we go over what each letter is, along with the sounds they make. By the second or third time, you'd already mastered the "H" sound! I think it's because you think the "huh-huh-huh" noise is funny. :)
   You are beginning to enjoy coloring. I give you a few crayons and some paper on your high-chair tray, and you do everything from eating them to picking at them with your finger nails, and occasionally, scribbling a little something on the blank paper.
   Hiding behind the couch (or shower curtain, or kitchen chair, or around the corner), peeking out, and saying, "Boo!" is probably your favorite game right now. You just barely open your little mouth to say it, and it almost sounds like "bzz" instead of "boo", but it's adorable.

All of these faces happened within about 90 seconds of one another. Drama!

Favorite foods:
   Strawberries. You LOVE strawberries. In fact, today, you ate so many that I had to cut you off. When I did so, you threw a big fit in the living room floor - tears and all - because you wanted more "berries".
   Peaches. These have been your fave for months now, and you still rarely turn them down.
   Flat-bread Pizza. I make one of these for my lunch. Now, I make one for my lunch, and one for yours. You can eat this stuff like a horse! You love the cheese, the sauce, and especially the pepperoni. (Pepperoni, by the way, is one of the words you try to repeat every time you hear it. SO stinkin' cute!) It's one of your messiest meals, but definitely a favorite.
   Smoothies. About a month ago, I started making "Green Drink", a morning smoothie, every morning. It has frozen banana, sometimes raspberries or strawberries, orange juice, cranberry juice, flax seed, and lots of fresh spinach! You asked me for a taste of mine, and just kept wanting more, so we got you some special sippy cups with straws, so that you can have your own cup of green drink! 
   Waffles. "Wah-foo", as you call them. 
   Cheese. At the grocery store last week, when we approached the dairy section, you said, "Hi cheese!" and waved to all of the cheese. I think you're a fan of the stuff.

Such a beautiful girl!

New words you're saying:
   Boo Boo
   Da-tee (Daddy)
   "BC's" (ABC's)
   ...and others I know I can't think of right now, because it's nearly 11:00, and I'm exhausted.

I love you more every single day!

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Jessica said...

She's getting so big! sweet girl :)