Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Linen Towels

I love learning more about different design styles. Colors, textures, decorative styles. It's always changing and evolving, and so fun!

I recently came across the Emily Jones Design Blog and fell in L~O~V~E! Her style is very different from my own, but there are so many elements of it that I just love! The clean lines, the use of silvers and grays (two of my all-time favorite colors), and her love of lettering. I can certainly identify with that!

All that to say...I'm excited to be expanding my primarily child-focused line of monogrammed goodies to include some new household items (a few of which will be great for wedding gifts)! Here is the first of a few new designs that will be popping up in the 'housewares' section of my Etsy Shop over the next few weeks. I'm excited!

These 100% natural linen towels are some of my favorite new kitchen accessories! I love them!!

View these towels in my Freckled Pink Etsy Shop now!

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