Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nap Time: My Nemesis

Since Allie was tiny, she has struggled with taking consistent, good naps. By "good", I mean "an hour or more". Being a 'Baby Wise' mom, and someone who thrives on predictability, routine, and schedules, this has been a real challenge for me!

I have so many friends with babies around Allie's age who tell me, "Oh, my child takes two two-hour naps every day, I can hardly wake them," or at the least, "Just drop the morning nap, and she'll sleep for hours in the afternoon. Mine does!"I have read books, sought advice, rocked her, read to her, let her cry it out, let her sleep in my chest in the rocker, and she still just sticks to her own personal nap schedule. She prefers about 20-30 minutes in the morning, and, if I'm lucky, 45 minutes or MAYBE an hour in the afternoon.

As a stay-at-home-mom/work-at-home-mom, this makes it very challenging for me to accomplish the things I need to during the day. Not to mention the fact that it is exhausting!

I regret saying that I have only recently started praying through this frustration I have with Allie's nap schedule, or lack thereof. I want to learn whatever it is God is trying to teach me through this, and I don't think I've caught a glimpse of the lesson yet. I crave just a few minutes of solitude and rest during my days that are otherwise spent cleaning up sticky fruit juice off of the high-chair (and floor), trying to design monograms while Allie pushes the computer buttons to "help" me, rotating loads of laundry, printing shipping labels, packaging monograms, reading '1, 2, 3, Count With Me' a dozen times in a row,  snuggling Allie Joy, cutting up every meal into tiny, 1-year-old bites, giving Allie a bath because she rubbed chicken and fruit in her hair - again, and picking up leaky sippy cups from every room in the house. Please don't misunderstand me. I am unbelievably, amazingly blessed to get to spend my days in my home with Allie. It truly is living out a dream I've had since I was a little girl. I love every little snuggle, watching cartoons with her, teaching her to blow kisses, answering every little "what's that" she asks, and getting to be the one to comfort her whenever she's upset. I do not take it for granted, I am grateful every day to have the title of 'Mom', and pray I will always be able to be home with whatever children God entrusts to us. That said, 'living the dream' of being at home, is not an easy job. It is full to overflowing with responsibilities.

These aren't responsibilities I take lightly, either. I want to be "that mom". The one who really does have it all together. Dishes done. Laundry put away. Prayers said for each family member, and time spent in the Word. Floors swept (and steam-mopped). A child who naps. I know this woman doesn't really exist, but she does in my dreams and aspirations! :) I am learning, daily, that I have to constantly surrender my 'post' to God. I want to stand strong in the post He has placed me in, and thrive in it. And it looks like I'm going to have to do that while learning how to manage my time and energy with a child who is awake for most of the day at only a year old. That is the task before me, and I want to grow, learn, and draw closer to God through it. Ultimately, if that's the greatest struggle in my everyday walk as a mama, I'm a blessed girl!

So, here's to a new season - not just standing strong in my post, but embracing this season of my life that I know I'll, one day, long to have back. 


Hayley McCarthy said...

she sure does look sweet when she's napping

Amy G said...

She is so cute! I understand your struggle. Napping has been very hard for Kennedy for the past couple of weeks. I am hoping that once we get the sleep training at night down, naps will be a bit easier, but not so far. You are doing a great job!

The Looney Kids said...

All of my kids have had different sleep habits and needs, but evened out at about 18 months...A great book is Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child...really breaks down the why behind sleep and gives sleep ranges for ages, some kids just don't sleep as much as others, or maybe sleep more at night :) It's tough, but hang in there! If you ever want to bounce ideas or frustrations off someone let me know, I've probably been there! :)

Krista Sanders said...

Oh, Tori-- had to comment here and say YOU ARE DOING GREAT!! I am sorry she doesn't nap like you were planning. Disappointing I know. Sounds like you have had plenty of advice given and tried lots so I will refrain but hang in there and as you have already stated, look for what He's teaching you. Inspired by your attitude.
Btw-- she's darling.