Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's on my DVR?

A friend of mine recently did a post about what you could find on her DVR. I think it's a fun little idea, so here goes...

We watch a lot of TV. I know, it's probably more than we should. It's something we really enjoy, that's relaxing for Adam and I. We love picking out TV series' on Netflix to watch together, too. It isn't often (anymore) that we get a night out at the movies, so sometimes we lay in bed and eat popcorn (and M&M's, if it's up to me) and watch our favorite shows together. Date night at home :). Lest you assume otherwise, most of these are MY picks, not Adam's. He watches crazy boy things like UFC fights, and action/adventure shows. Me? Not so much.


Ok, so this is a bit of a cheat. I'm watching Felicity on DVD, but it's definitely what fills my TV screen a lot of the time. I love to have it on while I'm working on monograms or designs.

Friday Night Lights

We (yes, we both watch this one) started watching this show last fall via Netflix, and are now finishing up the final season as it airs on DirecTV. LOVE this show. I love that it's about a real, Texas family who is loyal, honorable, and respected in their community. Sounds cheesy, but it's awesome. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktopAll this from a girl who really isn't even into football. Blasphemy in Texas, where we are hosting the Super Bowl a week from now, I know.

Grey's Anatomy. I've watched it from episode 1, so I can't stop now. It's really funny, actually, because I can't stand to watch bloody, shooter movies that Adam picks out, but somehow I can make it through an hour-long medical drama each week.

The Good Wife. LOVE this show. It hasn't received much attention, but it's really good. It's a legal drama about a woman whose political husband was unfaithful to her. It goes through the ups and downs of the choices she has made to stay by his side and keep their family intact, and also follows her cases as a Chicago lawyer. It's a very clever show, and I am almost always surprised by a great twist at the end of each episode.

Brothers & Sisters. Wow - I didn't realize how many dramas I watch! I love this one - especially the matriarchal figure played by Sally Field. She's amazing in this role as Nora Walker, watching over the lives of her 5 grown children and their families.

Modern Family!! We LOVE this show. It is SO stinking hilarious! I don't even think I can single out a favorite character. They are all so funny and quirky! Phil is probably my favorite, because he's a very typical "thinks-he's-super-cool" dad. It's basically awesome.

We love The Office, Parks & Rec., making fun of The Bachelor from time to time, and I'm also a huge sucker for red carpet specials before award shows. Love those! So, these are just a few things you'll find us watching from week to week - along, of course, with 'Special Agent Oso', 'Jungle Junction', 'Miss Patty Cake', and lots of 'Baby Einstein' DVD's!

What's on your DVR?

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