Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Crazy Start

Well, 2011 is off to a crazy start! When this week, and this year, began, I had great expectations for a week of rest. Sitting around in my pajamas, watching Allie play in her footie sleepers, watching the recorded Christmas movies I'd yet to catch up on, and working on my taxes from time to time. It did not turn out that way.

The craziness ensued when my mom had eye surgery. Poor thing, she had all these awful, painful complications with it. She's spent her week going back and forth to doctors offices, putting eye drops in, etc. I have spent my week praying for, encouraging, and helping her in any way I could, though I feel like I didn't do much. Tuesday, I went to pick up my sweet Memaw for a lunch date with some precious friends of ours, and she was too sick to come. After getting Allie up, dressed, skipping her morning nap, giving mom a ride home from work, and going to pick Memaw up, we rescheduled for the following day. Fewf! It was Tuesday around noon, and I was already exhausted!

Wednesday, we tried again, and succeeded. We enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship and fun with the Critz/Boswell crew, and brought Memaw home in time for her afternoon classes. Allie and I were both pretty tired from our day-o-fun, so we rested that afternoon. Wednesday night, I went out to dinner with my sweet friend Tori! We went to Joe T.'s (after poor Tori finally figured out where it was - it's a tough place to find)! Being directionally challenged myself, I understood her dilemma completely. I ate an embarrassingly large number of chips, we stuffed ourselves full of fajitas, and had a blast. We also saw a crazy lady celebrating her son's birthday. She had bobby-pinned a single piece of pink curling ribbon in her hair as a fun birthday accessory. Weird, much? I had so much fun, but didn't make it home until close to 11:00! For this girl, who is usually tucked in no later than 10, and asleep no later than 10:30, this was a late night.

Thursday was a whole new brand of "crazy". My mom had an emergency with her eye, and had to be rushed back to the doctor's office to make sure everything was ok. (It was, thank goodness.) Allie woke up around 7 a.m. that day. She usually sleeps until at least 7:30. She started crying, whining, and was just generally upset from 7 until her nap time around 9:30, when she slept for a whopping 15 minutes. Then, the crying continued until noon, when I finally remembered we had teething biscuits. Praise the Lord for teething biscuits!!! I'm not exactly sure what was happening, but she finally calmed down, ate some lunch, and went down for her afternoon nap. I was so bleary-eyed and tired from the cry-fest, I was ready for a nap, too! Oh, wait...she woke up less than 30 minutes later! What a day! Poor baby, something was just off. She wasn't feeling well, obviously. My girl is a happy one on most days! To top it off, I knew I wouldn't be relieved any time soon. Adam had plans to help my brother move all of my dad's stuff into a storage facility that night. That's another story in itself.

Friday, thankfully, was a little less crazy. I was exhausted from the rest of the week, but I'd almost made it to the weekend, PTL! I made plans to go visit my dad Friday night in Grapevine where he is in treatment. I was far too tired for that 45-minute drive, and the emotional meeting I knew would take place when I got there, but I made it through. At least Friday I made it home by 10:00 instead of 11!

Today, I'm so thankful for a good night's sleep, and a day to spend with my husband and daughter! Allie even slept until 7:45, so I got to sleep in a little! So hopefully, that's the grand finale of my super-extremely-crazy week. I'm looking very forward to the next few days, as we're kicking off the New Year with our church, and doing 3 evenings of awesome services/worship and prayer. I can't wait!

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