Monday, December 7, 2009


I can't believe I already missed a day! Yesterday (day 28 in the countdown), we got up and went to Home Deopt, then Lowes, to pick out a Christmas tree. It was so very cold, but after much deliberating, we chose this tree. We came home and I basically watched Adam trim, set up, and decorate the tree. I was able to help with lights and a few ornaments, but the tree shopping alone wore me out! We watched Adam's early Christmas gift, 'A Christmas Story', while we decorated the house. Our brand new stockings are hanging over the fireplace, and they're so pretty! Initially, I put up mine, Adams, and Allie's, but I felt like it was cheating to put Allie's stocking up when she's not here yet, so I took it down for now. Tomorrow is our 36 week doctor's appointment and sonogram! So excited to learn her positioning and the estimates on her weights and measurements! (She must know I'm typing about her...she's hiccuping all over the place.)

The Christmas tree we picked out in the frrreeeeezing cold yesterday morning.

My "belly picture" at 36 weeks. Everyone keeps kindly telling me how
"tiny" I am. This picture clearly proves otherwise!

When I was a kid, we had a tradition of taking a family snapshot in front of the Christmas tree as soon as it was decorated. It's a fun way to commemorate the kick-off of Christmas for me. This picture will be fun to look back at and say we were already a family of 3, even though Allie hasn't arrived yet.

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Steve Corn said...

A Christmas Story = the perfect "early Christmas gift"