Tuesday, December 8, 2009

26: Last Sonogram Today!

Adam and I got to the doctor's office this morning at about 10 minutes 'till 9. We finally went back for our sonogram after about a half-hour wait. It was quick, and pretty uneventful, but still good to see some bits and pieces of our baby girl! The technician pointed out a femur (random), kidneys, the "abdominal cavity" (random again), and even humored me by verifying that Allie's feet what's been nailing me in the ribs on my right side!

Even better, we learned that she is in position, ready to come out! So thankful not to have to worry about her being breech or transverse. According to her measurements, she's right at 5 pounds now, and will probably be around 7 pounds when she is born. Perfect! Since she's already dropped so low, we didn't get to see her sweet face on the screen, but that will just make for an even better surprise when she gets here.

The sonogram technician estimated around 2 weeks, so we'll see!

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Anonymous said...

YAY for such a great report!!! Get to walking girl and get little Miss Allie out!!!!