Saturday, December 5, 2009

29...Hopefully Less

Today has been a day in which I've had one phrase cross my mind about 50 times: "I'm so done being pregnant." Clothes don't fit quite right, Allie's growing body seems to continually roll around trying to find a comfortable position, and tonight, my back started hurting so badly during church I couldn't bear to stay seated any longer.

Thank goodness the women's Christmas event last night and Pastor Jeff's sermon tonight were both focused on an important and relevant topic for this season of my life: Joy. Not only is it our Allie's middle name, but it is an important part of what Christ has called me to as His child. One thing Pastor Jeff discussed in the service tonight was how our joy can sometimes become based on external, circumstantial things rather than being based on our walk with Christ. My joy (or lack thereof) today was definitely circumstantial. I pray that from now on, each time I think of my sweet Allie's middle name, I will remember the true source of real joy, and strive to count my blessings. One of my favorite things said last night, and repeated tonight, was this:

"The thing you magnify most in life will become bigger and bigger."

If I continue to magnify my discomfort, impatience, I will see it as growing bigger and bigger...worse and worse. However, if I magnify Christ and keep my eyes on Him, He will become greater while everything else in life becomes less.

Hayley, Mom, Me, and Kristen at the JOY event at Milestone last night.

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