Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life Just Changed...

My first doctor's appointment was scheduled for May 27th. It was a long four weeks away from the afternoon I saw that pink line on my home pregnancy test, but much to my surprise, the day finally arrived.

I was so nervous, excited, anxious, and a little terrified to be honest. Much of my time in the previous four weeks had been spent in prayer for the health of this extremely tiny little one that was hopefully growing at a steady, healthy pace. On days I was sick, I worried something was wrong. On days I felt well, I worried something was wrong. I spent a lot of time searching the scriptures, asking God to calm my fears and help me to trust him with this gift that is ultimately out of my control and completely in His.

The Lord had a crazy and (now) humorous way of distracting me in the days leading up to the doctor's appointment. I'll write more about those three crazy days later. For now, I'll just say I'm glad they're over!

We made it to the doctor's office about 15 minutes early, after a very frazzled morning. Adam was such an amazing support to go with me and stay through the entire appointment. After a short wait, and filling out only 2-3 sheets of detailed paperwork (I was sure there would be more than that), they called my name. Sort of.


Everyone looked around the room, no one moved.


Still no response.

"Victoria Rieger?"

I jumped up, "That's me. It's actually Tori, not Tony." I don't know that that mistake has ever been made with my name, goodness.

Adam and I followed the nurse down the hall into the tiny sonogram room. In no time, she'd found our tiny, 1.76 centimeter baby, and we were watching its little arms wiggle on the screen. It was the single most unbelievable moment I think I've ever experienced. I think Adam and I were both in a bit of shock. She was able to rotate the image so that we could see the tiny baby's heart pumping away at 180 beats per minute! SO fast! She rapidly opened up a smaller screen in which we could see heart rate and hear the speedy heart beat. I couldn't stop giggling! In the blink of an eye, it was all done and finished! God is so faithful! We have a healthy, growing baby!

We were escorted back to the waiting room, and then into an exam room where a nurse began to give us some bits of information we'd need in the coming months. Then she gave us some information packets, some more information, some more information packets, some books, some pamphlets, a bunch more paperwork to fill out, and asked if we had any questions. My thought was, "How could we possibly have anything left to ask after that complete overload of information?!" It's been a week, and I have yet to think of a question that I can't open up a packet, pamphlet, or book and find the answer to almost immediately.

I was exhausted from the build-up of it all, and yet I could never fall asleep that afternoon for what has become a regular afternoon nap.

I'm so thankful! Another appointment in 3 weeks!


Amy G said...

Yeah, it is so exciting. I continue to pray for a comfotable pregnancy and healty baby!

Krista Sanders said...

How fun this is-- to get to read this journey with you!! Enjoy those necessary naps!!

megs said...

tori, you are such a good writer! i might have cried a bit reading all of those, so exciting!!!! God is so good :)