Thursday, April 30, 2009

sewing stories, vol.3

For some reason, this is yet another 'sewing story' about heritage and ancestry. (See my post, 'sewing stories, vol.1 for a great one.)

So last week, a few of the girls were discussing their heritage. It was a short discussion:

Girl One: Did you guys know I'm part Indian? I learned that today!
Girl Two, trying desperately to join in: You can't be part Indian, your mom & dad aren't Indians.
Girl One: Noooooo! I AM part Indian, because my great great great great........ grandmother was an Indian in Oklahoma! She WAS!
Girl Two: Oh, well I'm part Pilgrim.

I smiled at this and said, "Well, you may be right about that. Maybe we're all part Pilgrim."

These girls do a good job of keeping me entertained!


Krista Sanders said...

Okay-- I heard this in my car. Wondering if this was the Monday class???? "part Pilgrim" love that.

Tori said...

Haha it's entirely possible! I don't actually remember who said this one now, but I know it was one of the sweet girls in your homeschool group! Who knew we had a "part Pilgrim" among us!