Saturday, August 30, 2008

more updates soon...

For all 5 of my regular blog readers (if I have that many), I got a new computer!!

Last weekend, I got a MacBook, so I'm in the process of switching over all of my "PC-friendly" software, files, etc. to their "Mac-friendly" equivalents.

So far, LOVING the Mac. So glad I'm switching!

I have lots of fun stuff to write about in the last week, such as:

*the Ranger Game we attended in which it rained for an hour and 14 minutes.
*my best friend moving about 6 blocks away.
*garage sale-ing all day today.
*almost time for sewing to start...2 more days!

I'll write about all of those things in the next few days, when I'm not completely exhausted from walking up and down 3 flights of stairs about 100x yesterday, and sitting outside selling furniture and everything else imaginable all day today.

The great part we get to go to Joe T.'s! Yum. My favorite.


Jessica said...

haha...great post :) Well, I'm a regular, so that makes at least one! :D And I have a Mac Book too and LOVE it! Definitely better than the PCs out there. Have fun with it!

Shannon said...

Make that 2! I recently switched to a Mac (desktop, not Mac Book) and have loved it.