Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Favorites!

Aren't these hammered silver earrings from Martele Anneaux just beautiful? I love dainty earrings, and since I have a metal allergy (or several, to be more exact), I get to spoil myself with sterling beauties like these!

These went on my birthday list as soon as I saw them! Check out her other dainty jewels, too. They're right up my alley...

I love vintage sewing stuff more than just about any other antiques. I'm loving this "Old School" t-shirt by JadeInkX featuring a vintage Singer sewing machine just like the one my husband and I just bought at our local Antique Mall. Love it.

So don't start drooling just yet...these are "Cupcake Bath Bombs" by HeyLadyCards! Like bath fizzies, I guess. I don't think I could bear to melt one of these adorable bath cakes in the water! I'd get much more pleasure from just looking at them!

These went on my Christmas list as stocking stuffers for any gift exchanges with good can I resist?

Hope everyone has a great weekend! (Ours will be extra busy with our little niece sleeping over tonight, the opening of our very own Apple Store tomorrow, and visiting my brother's awesome church Sunday.)

Maybe these goodies will inspire you to find some Friday favorites of your own...

(P.S. - Blogger is being weird, and wouldn't let me add links to any of these shops, so look 'em up!)
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esque said...

Oh my! The sewing machine t-shirt is awesome! Me wants it badly!!

psst! [please stop by my place for an award I'd like to give you :) ]