Friday, May 9, 2008

Avery's 6th Birthday: Part Two

Avery took 19 little friends with her to Sweet & Sassy. They even rode in a pink limousine! I'd never been to a Sweet & Sassy before, and it was quite an adventure! They did all of the girls' hair, nails, and make-up.

Then, they presented each girl with a golden award, and they got to walk on the red carpet runway and thank their families and the birthday girl. It was too cute!

Avery's mom & dad gave her a great birthday gift...
a miniature schnauzer puppy!
He is so cute. She named him Jasper.

It was a fun weekend with my favorite little girl!


k. hart said...

I bet it felt weird/cool to be a "grown-up" there. It seems like only a little while ago that I was participating fun birthday parties like that. :-)

Tori said...

The weird/fun part was that Avery introduced me to all of her friends as, "This is Tori, my older friend." Yeah, almost TWENTY years older!