Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Avery's 6th Birthday: Part 1

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Before she was 6...

About 5 and a half years ago, I got a phone call about an opportunity to take a job as a nanny for an 8 month old baby girl named Avery. No job I ever take could be as rewarding as this job has turned out to be. I nannied Avery for about three years, and shortly after I stopped, her family moved to Houston. I miss her every day, and I'm so thankful I got to go down to spend her 6th birthday with her!

We were so excited to be together!

Look at those big sparkling eyes...she's so beautiful.

Holding up her "Sweet 6" birthday party t-shirt I made for her.

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1 comment:

Jessica said...

awww...such a cutie! She looks like you :) Sounds like you were blessed with a wonderful job for three years! I'm sure you were an awesome nanny!