Sunday, May 11, 2008

a great weekend

This weekend was one for the books.

Friday was awful. It was my first day of Summer vacation, and I planned to spend it doing absolutely nothing. Then, I opened up the freezer to find everything melted. A few minutes later, I started a load of laundry to discover the washer wasn't agitating. TWO major appliances broken within a half hour. Are you kidding?? Needless to say, I was ready for a great weekend.

Saturday morning, I got up, worked out, went to the grocery store, and even made my wonderful husband breakfast in bed when I got home. It was so fun! Then, I met Kristen for pedicures at our favorite spot, which was a blast. We got to catch up, which was so nice! I miss seeing that girl every day! After pedicures, I went home and met Adam for lunch, after which we decided to go to the Benbrook Antique Mall. At the Antique Mall, I found an amazing (made between 1911-1922) old Singer treadle sewing machine! Adam bought it for me on the spot, and it is so beautiful! We brought it home and I cleaned it up, and can't wait to get it repaired so that it is in working condition again!Saturday evening was spent entertaining friends in our beautiful home, watching the Stars lose, and making my favorite food: mashed potatoes.

Sunday: Mother's Day. After church, Adam went to spend time with his mom, and I went to have lunch with my mom and grandmother. We had a great family lunch over at Memaw's house, and Blake & Kris even made it. I made plans about six weeks ago to surprise my mom with an afternoon at the Coldwater Creek Spa in Southlake Town Square. We had an adventurous time getting there, but made it in time to shop awhile before our organic facials. They were so amazing! We got to snuggle up in soft robes and slippers, and had such a great afternoon relaxing together! Blake and Kristen met us right afterward for dinner at Taco Diner.

All in all, this weekend was the perfect kick-off to my summer. I got to spend time with lots of people I love, got a pedicure AND a facial, got an amazing antique, and learned a little more about trusting in Jesus. This was the type of weekend in which I was able to just breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you, Lord, for a sigh of relief.

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Blake Campbell said...

herro seester. switch my old blog link with my new one!!! love you!

Krista Sanders said...

Love the machine. VERY cool and way to go Adam!!