Tuesday, January 8, 2008

bless the Lord

We, as believers, are called many times throughout scripture to 'Bless the Lord'. I was reminded of that calling by one of our Sunday School teachers this week, and it has already carried over into each weekday. (It's so nice when lessons actually stick with me!)

Yesterday I took my sweet Memaw to a memorial service for the mother of a precious friend of ours. During the service, it was as if I could see the arms of Jesus reaching down to hold the grieving family as they cried. The memorial was such a God-glorifying one! It was such a blessing for me to see this family, even in a time of such deep loss, cry out to 'Bless the Lord'.

I have been so very fortunate throughout my life in that God, in His perfect sovereignty, has placed women of God (or when I was younger, teenage girls) who have exemplified what it means to grow into a Proverbs 31 woman. I am completely convinced that I would not know the reality of what it means to be a God-following wife, and someday mother, without the influences and examples set by the Godly women who have gone ahead of me. This also makes me profoundly conscious of my example to the young girls I spend each afternoon with as I teach them.

"Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith." Hebrews 13:7

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