Thursday, December 6, 2007

thursday thirteen

Thirteen Of my Favorite Movie Quotes

1. "Oooh, beeeads!" - Gus Gus on Cinderella

2. "Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin' Butch?" - Woim on The Little Rascals

3. "Why would she refer to herself as a fug-uh-ly slut?" - The Principal on Mean Girls

4. "A apple..." - Gunther (?) from Dennis the Menace

5. "Weren't you a fat boy? " "No, I was husky." - Mr. & Mrs. Wilson on Dennis the Menace

6. "Wed-uh-nes-day" Mr. Habib on Father of the Bride II

7. "Happy Halloween Dad" - Carla Tate on The Other Sister

8." TaDaa TaDaa TaDaa!!!" - My little brother on a favorite home video

9. "What is your account number?" "Seven." "Seven?" "Uh, try Eight." - Spanky on The Little Rascals

10. "Jesus is taking me home." - Music From Another Room

11. "Thanksgiving is a special holday, where there's more than two desserts." - Carla Tate on The Other Sister

12. "These beads give it just the right touch." - Evil Stepmother on Cinderella

13. "Dennis, do you have a sling shot?" "Uh...I'm not sure." - Dennis's mom & Dennis from Dennis the Menace


Hayley McCarthy said...

I love the Happy Halloween Dad comment!! Haha..I've never quoted that before.

ruminations of a redhead said...

"He called me a CRACKER, honey." - Just Married :)

Hayley McCarthy said...

I don't know how to do any of it!!!

ruminations of a redhead said...

I don't have a CLUE how my picture got so big. It's just how it is. :( Sorry! I did try to print y'alls (cuz it's so darn cute) and it came out all digitally.

Junibarn said...

Haha, some cool stuff there ;)
I love Mean Girls. There've lots of good Quotes. ;)