Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm a Photoholic

Seriously. I am. I take a zillion pictures. {My iPhone photo stream is steadily maxed out at 1000 pictures, and I currently have 586 photos and 14 videos after just clearing it out a few weeks ago.} If I'm not taking pictures at any given event, you can be pretty sure I'm restraining myself from doing so.

I think it stems from my nostalgic personality - my love for memories and keepsakes. I just love photos.

Fortunately for me, my brother is an extremely talented photographer, and willingly takes family photos for us about once a year. I would seriously have to have a separate savings account just for having professional family photos taken if this wasn't the case. I am very grateful he does this for us, because these pictures are irreplaceable!

Here are a few he shot for us a couple of weeks after our little Wyatt arrived:

He has an amazing eye for light, color, and composition.

So now we have these beautiful pictures of our new family of 4, and I need to display them! We already have one small gallery display in our hallway:

(The large outer frame was my great grandmother's. It's my favorite.)

So, I'd like to do another little gallery display of the new photos somewhere else in the house. I'm thinking in the big, blank wall space above our television in the living room. I basically have to go with a gallery wall because of my inability to choose only one or two photos to display. I'm an awful decision maker to begin with, but especially when it comes to photos of my family.

I really want to use a little thicker frames with 2"-3" mats around each photo for this display. I'll be sure to post pictures after I get it put together! Hopefully soon!

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