Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life Before Two

I read somewhere today that once our sweet 2nd baby arrives, "I won't even remember life before two [kids]."

This post is to help me remember.

What do our days look like as a family of 3?

  • Allie wakes up around 6:45. Yep, even on weekends.
  • Adam is usually showering and getting ready for work, so I get her a "princess cup" of milk, and we wait until she can go tell Daddy good morning.
  • Sometimes we turn on a cartoon, other times we turn on worship music. Some type of background noise is a must.
  • Allie loves to pretend like she doesn't want to give Adam hugs and kisses when he leaves for work, so she waits until the last possible second. Then, she runs as fast as she can to the door yelling, "I need a kiiiiiss!" She thinks this is hilarious, and I think it's pretty cute myself.
  • We always pray for Daddy when he walks out the door and leaves for work, then I start breakfast.
  • Allie's favorite breakfast (if she even has one) is currently an Eggo waffle with syrup, and some sliced strawberries.
  • I try to make it a point to sit down and eat with her, but sometimes there are dishes to be done, or lunches to be put together ahead of time.
  • After breakfast, she usually plays in the living room for awhile while I get dressed and prepare for the day. She loves to play in our closet while I am getting dressed. So silly!
  • By the time I'm actually presentable, she is most often begging me to "come play", and so I do.
  • We play tea party, we roll the ball back and forth, she shows me how she and her menagerie of of stuffed animals can go down the slide. We read books. She "cooks" for me in her little kitchen.
  • After some play time, we move into Allie's room so that I can attempt to pick out clothes for her without her refusing every outfit I suggest. Once she's dressed, and has told me several times how pretty she looks, we fix her hair. (Secretly one of my favorite things to do.)
  • Allie plays independently or does a table activity (like coloring or Play-Doh) for a half hour or so while I get started on housework for the day.
  • (Keep in mind, all of this is sporadically changed by loooooong potty breaks for Allie Joy, during which she likes to have some serious heart-to-heart conversations.)
  • She "helps" me do chores, or plays while I sew until it gets close to lunch time. 
  • Lately, we've been loving having little lunch picnics on the porch since it's been so nice out.
  • Allie almost always asks if some random toy can come with her to lunch at the table. A princess magnet, a tube of chap stick, a stuffed animal, you name it.
  • We always sit down for lunch together. 
  • After lunch comes more play time, sometimes a cartoon, and some reading before nap.
  • Ah, nap time....
  • When Allie wakes from her nap, it has become our routine to make a picnic snack on the living room floor and let her choose a video to watch. It helps her wake up a bit, and she sits still to eat her snack for a bit. Then, we play, clean, and get ready for Daddy to come home around 5.
  • When Daddy gets home, Allie is done with mama. She is such a Daddy's girl.
  • Sometimes, Adam takes her straight up the street to the park to play for awhile and give me a break. It's so wonderful for everyone!
  • We usually eat an early dinner around 5:30, and then sit in the living room and play with Allie while we watch TV until it's bath and bed time.
I love this season. I love this two-year-old age of our sweet, smart, silly girl. I love how predictable our days are. I am soaking it up like a thirsty sponge, knowing that in just a few days, everything will change. (And as one who thrives on predictability and schedules, this is a difficult reality for me to accept!)


Bon&Bud said...

What a great post- I might borrow your idea as it gets closer to baby #2 arrival!

Amy G said...

You will do great Tori, it is hard but so worth it. And Adam is such a great dad, I saw him at the Egg Hunt and just know that he is one special guy to take his daughter out all by him self, you will have great help! Good luck and I can't wait to see pictures!