Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello, 3rd Trimester

The third trimester really snuck up on me this time around. With my first pregnancy, I think I counted down to the end of each trimester {maybe even the end of each week}. This time, with Baby #2 {name announcement coming soon}, life has been ten times busier. We put our house on the market when I was only 9 weeks pregnant, sold it in a week, house hunted, moved across town, then came the holidays, a birthday for Allie, and all of a sudden, here I am! I hardly realized how far along I was until I got my weekly e-mail from Baby Center saying "Your Pregnancy This Week: Third Trimester".

I'm sorry, what?!

When did that happen?!

I haven't even started taking a photo each month! Ha! Guess I'm
a little late for that one.

Have we done anything to prepare for this little man?
I'm thinking no. I mean, we have a {sheet-less} crib
set up, and a dresser {completely empty}.

If this baby were to arrive early, we would have
exactly 3 outfits for him. All of our baby
clothes are PINK! 

{...deep breath...}

Since I saw that e-mail yesterday, all I've been able to think about are all of my well-meaning mommy friends who are mommies of 2 or more saying "Just wait! Life gets crazy when you have 2! 2 Kids versus 2 parents means the parents are outnumbered! Look out!"...Umm, fear. 

So, these are the thoughts I'm intentionally putting into my head instead:

Lots of moms handle lots of kids every day.

God has given me everything I need
to handle whatever will come my way. This
is true whether I have 1 or 10 kids.

Some days will be hard. That's ok.

Some days will be really fun, and I'll get to watch my
two precious kiddos develop an amazing relationship with
each other.

Some days will be crazy with laundry going un-done,
meals consisting of boxed macaroni and microwaved hot dogs,
and me in pajamas all day. That's ok, too.

I absolutely, completely, whole-heartedly cannot wait
to meet our precious boy in a few weeks, and 
see what amazing things he will add to our family!!

So, with excitement, here are a few of my favorite Pins for baby boy this week:

{I am dying to make a copy version of this pillow for our little guy's 
vintage baseball-themed room!}


Bon&Bud said...

Tori- I love this post--everything that I feel! I worry about handeling two, especially two that are so close together but then I realize that people do this ALL the time and they are ALL still alive. I am sure there will be times that are stressful, filled with tears, etc but we are so blessed! You will be a great mommy of two!

Michelle said...

Hey Girl!

Way to be positive and trust in the Lord! This week it has really hit me hard about the fact that in 15 weeks I will have two little girls, not just one! WOW! Just the thought of keeping them both fed can stress me out. But you're totally right! We have so many wonderful, godly moms to look to for examples who take care of multiple children every day and they are all still sane. :-) God will definitely give you (and me) the strength to care for these precious new babies.

I'm so excited that ya'll are having a little boy! I can't wait to see who he looks like. :-)