Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fort Worth Stock Show

This weekend, we got to take Allie to the Fort Worth Stock Show. I used to go almost every
year as a kid, so it was fun to get to go back! My awesome mom hooked us up with tickets,
and at the last minute, our good friends the McCarthy's decided to join us!

Eisley {L} and Allie {R} with their shades on,
ready to see "all the an-mulls".

The girls were super excited about the petting zoo. {I wish the lighting had been better, but whatever.}
They got to pet goats, cows, horses, and even a llama! {Sidenote: Right before it was our turn to go into the petting zoo, a little girl got bit by one of the rabbits, and her hand was bleeding everywhere! Needless to say, these girls did not pet the rabbits.}

I'm so glad my mom got to come enjoy the afternoon with us! Here she is with Allie, helping her
get a "kiss" from a very hairy cow.

The things parents to for photo op's...

This was probably Allie's favorite part of the whole day. She still hasn't stopped talking about it.
The "yittle baby chicks".

She just kept covering her mouth and gasping as if she couldn't believe how adorable they were.
It was so cute! Since then, she's been telling me she wants to rock the baby chicks in her rocking chair.

Our friend Daniel took his little girl (almost 3) on one of the giant "flour sack slides". {Not sure
why they're still called that, because they definitely don't use flour sacks.}

They loved it!

When we were ready to head home, the girls got to be carried
on their daddies' shoulders to the car. I used to love that.
Pretty sure Allie does, too.

Probably my favorite shot of the day:

We had so much fun! Maybe we'll brave it again next year with Allie and baby brother in-tow. Maybe.

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Bon&Bud said...

This looks like so much fun! I was brought up going to the rodeo and stock every year! I really want to go this year but I am not sure how Brax would do--maybe we will try it this weekend!