Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pinteresting, Vol. 4

Originally, it was my goal to do a "Pinterest Post" every Friday. Well, amidst the move to our new house, the holiday craziness, and Allie's birthday, I haven't quite kept up.

Chalkboard Art is one of my new favorite things, because I {finally} got
a chalkboard for my entryway! {Thank you, CraigsList!} I'll post
pictures of my beautiful chalkboard when I do my "house update"
post soon.

I'm pretty much determined to learn to make awesome chalkboard lettering
like this:

I desperately wanted to wrap all of my Christmas gifts in adorable
burlappy, neutral fabric, brown paper, and pretty twine and ribbon.
However, I felt guilty doing so, because I have approximately 15 rolls
of half-used wrapping paper from the past couple of Christmases 
that need to be used up. 

Maybe next year...

I am LOVING this circle paper garland. SO much. And it looks
so easy and cute! Cut circles, stitch them together, voila!

So, I went to the Hob Lob and bought a circle cutter. Eh, not so much.
The "circle cutter" just made random cuts, and didn't quite work out. I'll
try again one day...

Check out my Pinterest for more fun goodies!

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