Monday, August 8, 2011


My continued list...

28. Allie kissing me four times at bed time
29. Snuggling my 10-year-old puppy
31. Friends with a pool
35. Nachos for lunch
38. A successful new recipe
40. Seeing my lifelong best friend's little sisters and nieces hold Allie
42. DQ Reeses Blizzard
44. A good work-out
46. HGTV
53. Watching Allie learn how to nurture her baby dolls
54. Warm, just-slept-in sheets before getting up
58. Spring Creek BBQ sauce
62. A hand-written letter from my dad
66. Allie's little lisp when she says "thinner" (zipper)
76. The smell of fresh paint
77. Organized fabric on mini fabric bolts
79. A "v" of birds flying against a pink sunrise
81. Short hair
82. Pink toddler toenails
90. Nose kisses
95. A B.L.T. with crispy bacon

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