Friday, July 8, 2011

Two Blogs Become One

I've gone back and forth about this for awhile, and after weeks of indecisiveness {very characteristic of me}, I've decided to condense my blogs into one single blog here at Freckled Pink.

I've fallen in love with blogging all over again these past few weeks, and can't wait to be able to share about every aspect of my life in one spot. Previously, I'd been writing about new Freckled Pink designs on my business blog, and my home and family at Rieger Reflections. It just got to be a bit too much to keep up with for this busy mama! I wasn't posting nearly as often as I'd have liked to here, because of my preoccupation with my personal blog. Needless to say, combining them will solve all this. {I've imported all of my posts from my personal blog into this one, so now everything is in the same place. Fewf!}

All that to say... Change your bookmarks, and follow me here, on my Freckled Pink blog if you like. Thanks!

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