Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New England Vacation, Part 1

I always thought the definition of a vacation was something like "rest, relaxation, no responsibilities, and sleeping in as late as you want". This is actually the definition of vacation *before* you have children. Vacationing with a toddler is, as one of my friends put it, like traveling to Europe even if you're just going down the street, because of all of the baby stuff you have to tow with you!

When we arrived at the airport to leave on our New England adventure {adventure = going to see Adam's cousin get married}, we had with us:

  1. Giant Suitcase containing all 3 of our clothes
  2. Rolling, carry-on suitcase {because I am paranoid about checked bags getting lost}
  3. Backpack containing the computer and a half million baby toys and snacks
  4. Purse containing the other half million baby toys and snacks
  5. Allie's stroller
  6. Allie's car seat and car seat dock
  7. Allie
Keep in mind, there were only 2 of us, and 4 hands to carry all of this onto the shuttles to and from the airport - all while attempting to keep Allie quiet, happy, and safe. SO. MUCH. WORK!

After we were able to check the car seat, car seat dock, and giant suitcase, the "vacation" became much more enjoyable.

Allie was a rock star on the flight to Boston. She played with her new toys, ate breakfast, and even fell asleep while watching her fave - Imagination Movers - on my iPhone. {Thank you, God, for headphones and iPhones!} 

We arrived in Boston, fought with the GPS for awhile, and finally made it to New Hampshire, where we would spend the first 2 nights of our trip. {Wedding was in NH, the rest of our trip would be spent outside of Boston in MA.}

Alliebean - brushing her hair, watching some 'Enchanted', using
her awesome panda headphones.

My little family after the beautiful wedding in the NH countryside.

The wedding was beautiful, and the scenery was amazing! To our surprise, it was in the 60's and rainy the first two days of our trip. I even had to make a Target run to get some dress pants for the occasion, because I am far too cold-natured to have spent the day of the wedding freezing my legs off in the "little black dress" I'd planned to wear.

Allie and her Grandpa Chuck at the wedding reception.

Allie and her handsome daddy.

I bought new shoes and a cute new dress for this sweet girl, but I had to
change up her outfit because it was so cold! Instead of cute new sandals, she
sported her warmer Keds and leggings.

It was so fun to get to spend some extended time with Adam's side of the family. I love to see them loving on little Allie and enjoying her as much as we do! Part 2 of our vacation coming soon...

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