Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This & That

So...I'm starting something new today. "This and That Tuesdays". Basically, just a hodge-podge of whatever is floating around in my head, or what's happened in the last week of my life as a homemaker, mama, and crafter...

Yesterday was my Memaw's 84th birthday. She's one of my
very favorite people. Ever. She taught me to memorize scripture,
to sew, to craft in general, to love Jesus in all circumstances.
She taught me a zillion little songs and rhymes, and now she
is teaching them to my little Allie. She still teaches the same
Sunday School class she's taught since I was little (and even before).
Sunday, my mom, brother, and I surprised her by coming
to her little class and singing a few verses of Amazing Grace/My
Chains are Gone. It was so fun! {We win - she totally cried.}

Me with my Mom & Memaw on Mother's Day earlier this year.

We finally took the plunge and got miss Allie a "big girl" car seat
yesterday. {She still fit in her infant seat until now! Yes, she's
18 months old. She's tiny.} I feel like we should get a parenting
award for resisting the temptation to turn her front-facing. 
We did good. She's still rear-facing. At least now, she can sit up
straight, and doesn't have to stare at the back seat. She can now
successfully look out the window and see the world. Or at least
see Fort Worth. We went with the Graco My Ride in the
black/gray combo so that we can use it with {Lord willing}
our future kiddos.

So, the truth is, we watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Did I
just say that out loud? We really just love to laugh at how
utterly dramatic the whole thing is, and how crazy most
of the people are. Just a couple of notes on this season {that
is finally wrapping up}...

Ashley's skirts just keep getting shorter. Like
I need another reason to turn the show off.

Ames. Bless his heart. He's just weird. And
what was up with his saggy pants during the
hometown date? Eew.

My pick? J.P. I guess we'll find out after
they drag it out for another few weeks of 
totally ridiculous skydiving, waterfall-jumping,
sunset-watching dates.

I'm listening to some old school Amy Grant this afternoon.
And kind of loving it.

Last week, I dressed little Allie up in a dress that was mine
when I was around her age. I couldn't find any of the photos
of me in the dress, but just seeing her in it brought back
memories. I saved those things for so long! It's so fun to see
her dressed in my clothes. 

Luckily, my mom came across one of the old photos, and
was able to send it to me! I spliced us in next to each other
so I could see the "me vs. Allie" shot. Love it.

Sorry it's a little blurry. It was an iPhone import...


Speaking of blurry, I've noticed that my photos don't seem to
come out as crisp and clear on my blog as they are on my computer.
I know there has to be resizing and such, but they look so fuzzy!
I {hate} don't like blurry. I'm uploading them as JPG's. Anyone
have any tips? Should I be converting them to a TIFF? I have no
knowledge on the subject. Clearly.

Lastly, I am really excited about the possibility of 
getting a brand new MacBook Pro in the next couple of
weeks! My current little white MacBook is starting to fall
apart {from overuse, no doubt}. It sure is doing great to be 7
or so years old! {Not quite sure. We bought it on CraigsList
with a broken screen, and my hubs fixed it right up for me!}

I want to clean up and organize all of my computer files for
the new one. We'll see if that actually happens...


Meghan said...

I like this Tori :) Good thoughts!

Bon&Bud said...

Love this post! Great idea for a post on Tuesday!