Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silly Willy Girl

Allie is just that: a silly willy girl. She has been so entertaining lately with all of her little 16-month-old antics!

Allie, all of a sudden, LOVES to play in her crib. Sometimes she even
cries when I get her out in the mornings!

(I really believe it's because I rarely let
the beloved "blankie" out of the crib, and she gets
to snuggle it just a bit longer if she stays in.)

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She wanted just a few more minutes *after* she
got dressed on this particular morning...

Allie Joy L-O-V-E-S to slide. This is a serious work-out for mommy
and daddy, since she's not quite big enough to walk up all of the
steps to get back up to the top.

...on the slide...

Happy Girl!

I love these grins! I also love that I can see her little tiny feet through her
clear jelly sandals. :)

Her not-so-little personality is showing up a little more every day. It has become very clear that she isn't going to be a passive wallflower! She makes her opinions, wants, likes, and dislikes very clear to us these days. It is not out of the ordinary for her to ask for something, hear a "no", and throw herself onto the floor in a fit of what we affectionately call "squawks". She doesn't like for other kids to invade her space, and tends to "squawk" if they enter her bubble. It is not a cute sound, but we're working on it.

This parenting/guiding/directing/shaping business is more challenging than we thought! And I'm sure it will only become more so...but I consider every challenge a privilege!

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Bon&Bud said...

These pictures are SO cute!