Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day Lunch

Adam and I are blessed in that both of our moms aren't sticklers for celebrating Mother's Day on the day of the event. They want me to be able to enjoy Mother's Day with my sweet little Allie, and I appreciate that more than they know.

Last Saturday, (Mother's Day eve, if you will), was cray-zee around the Rieger house. Adam had made plans to get an upgraded air conditioner installed in the house. The installation guy was supposed to be here between 8-9, and didn't show up until around noon. So. Frustrating. Because of that, Adam wasn't able to go to lunch with us.

My mom, Memaw, Aunt Carolyn, Blake, and I all met at at Joe T.'s to celebrate all of the moms. It was such a gorgeous day! We were able to beat the crowds, get a table outside, and my mom even fed Allie so that I could enjoy my lunch! (Who am I kidding, she loved feeding her.) It was such a sweet time. A couple of weekends ago, my mom stayed with Allie Joy so that Adam and I could spend an evening away for the first time since before Allie was born. While we were gone, she and Allie did a special project for me for mother's day. They made me a beautiful stepping-stone with Allie's little footprint in it! So cute! I love it! I haven't snapped a picture of it yet, but it's outside near the front porch, and it brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

Mom, Allie, and Me after Mother's Day lunch

One of my favorite new pictures! Love my family!

Allie, Blake, and Me

Standing between two of my favorite ladies!

Sitting on Grammie's lap for lunch.

Alliebean and Uncle Blake!

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Bon&Bud said...

Love this post and love the pictures! Mother's Day has a whole new meaning with a little one!