Friday, April 1, 2011

A Day in the Life, Vol. 2

Ever just have 'one of those days'? Well, today (Tuesday, I started this draft before bed) was one for me. Fewf! It's 10:57, and I can't even believe I'm awake to type this (except that I had a monstrous glass of tea at dinner, so I'll probably be awake much longer than I'd like to).

Today is Adam's birthday. I'm big on birthdays. I love to do fun things to make them extra special. I celebrate the birthday, the birthday week, and yes, the birthday month. It was my goal today to make the day as fun and care-free for Adam as possible, even though he'd spend most of it at work. (I'll wait to post this until tomorrow, because I just posted my heartfelt birthday note to Adam, and wouldn't want to taint that with the "realities" of my day.)

Not to brag (ok, to brag a little), but I've been working very hard on being disciplined and working out every weekday morning for the month of March. After being at a baby shower until late last night, I decided that this week, I was going back to 3 mornings a week. So, today would be my first day to "sleep in" (until around 6:45) on a weekday in almost a month. Here's how my day began...

Alarm goes off. I knew Adam and I had set our alarms for the same time, but I didn't hear his. I figured he'd changed it - wanted to sleep in a little on his birthday - so I didn't wake him. I got up, went to the closet, and started picking out clothes for the day. After looking around a few minutes, I glanced up at Adam's bedside clock: 6:25 a.m.. My first thought was, "Nooooooo! My alarm was supposed to be for 7:00!!!" I'd set a later alarm, but neglected to turn off my earlier alarm. Ugh, how frustrating. I climbed back into bed - just because I could - and tried to go back to sleep for the next half hour without any success. Then, I had to kick it into birthday gear.

Though Allie didn't wake up in time to wish Daddy a happy birthday before he got out the door, I had fun giving Adam his birthday gifts. He saved his card from Allie to open that afternoon.

Allie was in a fair mood in the morning, but hasn't been eating well at all, and got crankier (and I'm sure hungrier) as the day went on, and her hunger strike continued. I could tell she was very tired, so I put her down for her nap at 1:30 instead of 2:00. Sure she'd sleep awhile, I settled in to watch some Netflix and catch up on monogram designs. 30 short minutes later, she was up. Knowing she was still tired, I went in to rock her for awhile and see if she'd sleep a little longer. After another half hour or so, one of our dogs came to Allie's closed bedroom door and began scratching and clawing as if there was a dangerous intruder in the house. Scared me to death, and woke Allie up crying in fear. Thanks, dogs.

Upon exiting Allie's room, I was punched in the gut by the smell of dog poo. Awesome. Maybe someone should teach my dogs to scratch on the door *before* they poop on the floor.

After cleaning up that mess, I decided to give Allie her evening bath early, so we could enjoy Daddy's birthday time when he got home. After I got her in the tub, I guess all of the running water got to me, and I was dying to go to the bathroom. No big deal, we're in the bathroom, right? Yes, my friends, but without toilet paper. Ahhh!

When Allie was cleaned up, (and I'd retrieved a roll of t.p., praise the Lord), I dried her off, lotioned her up, and reached for a diaper. NO DIAPERS! After a momentary freak-out, I remembered there was a new box of diapers in her closet. I placed my naked baby on her bedroom floor while I dove for the diapers in the closet, had to get scissors to open the box, all the while repeating, "Please don't pee, please don't pee!"

After the bath time fail, I decided to make brownies (to cover the poo smell, of course). I managed to spill some brownie mix, but hey, what are dogs for if not cleaning up my spills?

Brownies were finished just in time for Adam's arrival, the house smelled great, and Daddy's girls were ready to spend the evening celebrating his birthday. Fewf!


Jessica said...

hahhaa, love "a day in the life" posts. So interesting! And funny! :) Thanks for sharing your day!

Michelle said...

You're such a terrific wife and mom, Tori! I loved reading your post and laughed more than once! :-) Thanks for posting.