Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Grown-Up Dining Set

Our AMAZING new dining set! :) :) :)

Two weeks ago, I feel like I became a "real grown-up". Adam and I bought a brand new dining set!

In 2006, when we were engaged, we went to Ikea and bought a dining set. I remember being so excited about it. It was a table and 4 matching chairs, purchased for $100. Seriously. We have used that poor table and chairs absolutely to death. Our dogs chewed the top of one of the chairs, the $6.00 cushions were stained and cushion-less, and our family of 3 could barely fit our dinner on the table without it spilling over. It was a good little table, but it was time to *upgrade*! I've been dying to do this forever, so I was unbelievably (maybe abnormally?) excited when Adam gave me the go-ahead to start looking for a new dining set.

It was such a sweet God-thing the way it worked out. I had looked on Ashley Furniture's website, and just fallen in love with one particular set. It was just the color scheme I wanted, and just the right size. Unfortunately, Ashley's doesn't publicize their prices on their website. (Dumb.)

When we went to Ashley's to look around, the set I'd seen online was the very first one we came to. It was so pretty! Not only that, but it was within our price range! We were able to get the table (and extension leaf) and a set of 6 chairs! To go from the world's tiniest table to a table that fills our dining room has been so exciting! It has also made it much more apparent that we are outgrowing our current home...but that's an entirely different jumbled bunch of thoughts for another entry.

The good ole' Ikea dining set. It looks SO tiny now!

Allie's last snack time at the old table :)

NEW TABLE & BEAUTIFUL CHAIRS! (This is without the leaf. With the leaf,
it will seat 8 with room to spare.)
Allie enjoying the view from waaaaay down at her end of the table.

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