Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Valentine's Day, this year, turned out to be pretty crummy for this mama. Allie generously shared the stomach bug she had all week last week with me, and I came down with it in full force on the 14th! No fun! I was bummed to be sick, and unable to do lots of the fun activities I'd had in mind for Allie that day. Thankfully, Adam and I had already had our Valentine's night out the previous night. We got to eat at yummy Saltgrass, and even got dessert at Sweet Sammie's!

(Quick note: Sweet Sammie's is one of our very favorite new places in the area. It's one of those "simple, but genius" ideas that has really taken off. They bake fresh cookies, then make you a custom ice cream sandwich using two warm cookies and your choice of ice cream! They're huge, delicious, and extremely high in calories, I'm sure!)

Adam came home Sunday afternoon with FOUR, yes four, bouquets of flowers for Allie and me! He also got us each a sweet card, which I always love. It was so thoughtful of him to get a cute little card for Allie Joy, too. Allie and I have been enjoying a house full of flowers all week long, and they appear to still be going strong. I love flowers in the house! So fun and beautiful!

This is the "skill" Allie learned on Valentine's Day. She
thinks it's pretty funny, as you can see. Blech.

Even though I felt icky, we managed to get outside for
a few minutes to blow some bubbles, which Allie LOVED.

Stickers are one of Allie's faves right now, so I had to get her some cute
little hearts for V-Day! She's had fun "wearing" them on her hands
all week long.

Allie Joy's V-Day stash from Mama & Dada: Pink Ranger's onesies, a zillion
heart stickers, and a fun new bath toy.

Oh! Adam also completely detailed my car for Valentine's Day. It needed to be done so very badly, and I am still enjoying a very clean ride! My hubby knows me well!

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