Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 Years Later

Today, we went up to Western Hills' Tower Field and watched Adam play in the Alumni Baseball Game. It's always a little weird to revisit the place you spent 4 years in high school! I couldn't believe it earlier this week when Adam told me they were being recognized for the 10th anniversary of the state championship. (Honestly, it took me a few minutes to realize he was talking about HIS state championship! I couldn't believe it was 10 years ago!)

As it does every year, a cold breeze showed up just in time for the game, so that everyone had to bundle up just a little to watch. There was a great turn-out this year, and lots of players with young babies, which made it more fun for us spectators.

Allie's latest obesession: steps. Up, down, up, down...

Cutie-patootie in all of her ruffles!

Allie & her sweet friend Lily!

Adam & his best friend Jordan with their beautiful baby girls. So fun!
Also, Jordan wouldn't look at the camera. I have like 3 versions of this shot.

The 2001 Alumni who attended this year's game...and some cute babies.

The alumni team played hard, and beat the current varsity team 7-6. (Can I also just take a moment to state how child-like and little the current varsity team looked?! They were children, for goodness sake. I don't feel old often, but I did that day.)

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