Sunday, June 13, 2010

Holiday Weekend

A couple of weeks ago, we VERY much enjoyed having a 3-day weekend together as a family. Adam had Memorial Day off, and for once, we didn't make any big plans for the holiday. We stayed in and relaxed together. Adam grilled some amazing chicken, hot dogs, and burgers from our grass-fed beef. SO good! Plus, we had great left-overs for the rest of the week!

He also went out and bought Allie and I an inflatable swimming pool to play in this summer. She wasn't too sure about it, but I had fun! I can't wait to get a float so that I can lay out during Allie's summer nap times! (A friend of mine does this when her kiddos nap, and I thought it was such a fun, relaxing idea for the season!)

I can't wait to take her swimming in a real pool sometime soon. I'd rather be in the water than just about anywhere, so I'm anxious to see if she's the same.

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Ali said...

Where do you buy your grass fed beef? I've been buying organic chicken and organic ground beef at Costco but, I would prefer to buy grass fed / grass finished beef!

Any suggestions or tips on where you buy!?!


~ Ali