Monday, May 3, 2010

Allie's First 4 Months

I can't believe she's already 4 months old! Look how much she's changed and grown!

Allie has changed so much in the past 2 weeks! She's started reaching for and grabbing toys, shaking rattles, learning how to make the toys play music, and rolling over more and more. She is also learning how to scoot around on her back some, which is a talent I'm not sure I completely understand. :) Sometimes I'll lay her on her back on a blanket to play, and go grab a load of laundry or something. When I return, she will be 180 degrees in the opposite direction!

She is rolling very well from her stomach to her back (only toward the left, though), and rolls from her back to her side, but not yet all the way on to her tummy.

She is so interactive now, which is way too much fun for Adam and I. We love making her smile, and occasionally getting a laugh out of her. She's still pretty stingy with the laughter at this point. Her favorite toy is her flower rattle that Laura & Linda gave to her. She even likes to take it in the car and play with it.

We are having so much fun watching her grow! We fall a little (no, a LOT) more in love with her every day!


Amy G said...

She really has grown, so cute! It is amazing how much they change, now you are getting close to the moblie stage and that is an adventure! I love all your bows, do you make them or buy them? If you buy them, who do you get them from. I love love the one in your last post with the A on it!

ruminations of a redhead said...

I love her SO much!! I am so glad that you are taking those monthly pictures of her. :)