Monday, March 15, 2010


After what seems like a year of winter, the sunshine has finally arrived! I have spent the majority of the past 10 weeks cooped up in this house with nothing to look out at but gray clouds and cold winds. This past week, the sun finally came out for more than just a few short hours! It is amazing the difference it makes to be able to open up the windows, let some light in, and spend some time outside!

Last week, Adam and I were able to take our first walk down the block together with miss Allie, and her furry "brothers", Scout & Jack. The 5 of us made it down to the end of the street and back without any trouble, and we can't wait to enjoy more nice walks as it warms up this season. Here in Texas, we basically have 2 seasons: Summer and Winter. We get a few very short weeks of Spring and Fall somewhere in between, so I want to enjoy the "not-too-hot, not-too-cold" weather. We made plans to take Allie to the zoo last weekend, but after finding out that the Spring Break crowd had already taken over, we decided to postpone our zoo trip.

Allie is growing and changing so much each day. She had her first round of shots last Tuesday (6 days ago). I'm not sure if it was related to the shots, but she hasn't quite been herself for the past week. She's been fussier, and had an upset stomach. Poor baby girl! Today was the first time that she seemed to be back to her cheerful self, thank goodness! She woke up this morning talking and cooing, and kept it up most of the day. I LOVE listening to her sweet little voice. It makes my eyes tear up almost daily.

This weekend, she was sitting in her little seat at the table, and I started walking toward her. When she recognized me and saw me coming, a huge smile broke out across her face, and she started waving her arms in excitement. It was the sweetest moment! She did the same thing for Adam this morning when he was getting ready for work. It is so encouraging and exciting to see her little personality developing!

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Krista Sanders said...

Oh girl-- brings back sweet memories for me. That cooing would get me every time. Enjoy Enjoy!!