Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two Months...Already?!

Do we really have a 2-month-old already?! Eight weeks went by so quickly! I can say that now, since we are sleeping well and finally settled into a routine. Seven weeks ago it was not going by fast enough. Then, all the days and nights were running together with feedings every 2-3 hours and sleep wherever I could find it. Six weeks ago, Adam went back to work, and I began to learn what my new life was going to look like spending my days with little Allie Joy. Five weeks ago, we were still struggling for sleep, but at least I could count on one or two good naps each day since Allie was finally napping! Four weeks ago, Allie rolled over on her own for the first time, and started sleeping for about 5 hours straight at night. That doesn't sound like much, but it is when you haven't slept more than two hours at a time for a month! Three weeks ago, she slept a little longer. Two weeks ago, she started really responding to our facial expressions, smiling back at us, and "talking" a lot - especially in the early mornings. She also slept longer and longer, up to 9 hours at night! It was miraculous! One week ago, she outgrew her "size newborn" clothes, and moved up into "0-3 months". Her little torso is so long that the "newborn" clothes couldn't snap on anymore! Today, she is 2 months old. (Two months-ish, actually. She was born December 30th, and there are only 28 days in February!)

At 2 months old, she loves to stand up tall on her changing table. She's not too fond of nap time. She is learning to like bath time, since she has discovered her reflection in the mirror will entertain her while she is washed. She took her first trip to the zoo last weekend, and slept through the entire event. She loves it when her daddy gets home from work, and she gets to snuggle up to him for awhile.

We love this little girl, and we are having fun watching her grow and change!


Krista Sanders said...

Tori- she is just precious. Truly. I see YOU in her little face. I am so glad to read you are getting some sleep. You are a new woman.
(Baby Bjorn is at your grandmother's ; )

Jessica said...

awww!! Precious little 2 month old girl :) I love that third picture....looks like she has this little smirk on her face. So cute!