Monday, February 15, 2010

Six Weeks and SNOW!

The day after Allie turned 6 weeks old, this happened...

Allie's first snow day! Here in Fort Worth, we got 12 INCHES of snow! It was so beautiful, and soooo cold! We had to take little Allie out in it to document her first snow day.

Allie is starting to be much more attentive to her surroundings now. She loves to sit in her swing and look up at the moving animals on the mobile.

The snow covered our trees, and was so pretty! Lots of people lost power for 1-2 days. Ours was only out for a few hours, and I'm so thankful!

Jack, our terrier, sprinted every time his feet hit the snow. I don't know if it's because he was afraid of it, or because it was so cold!

Staying home with this little one for so many weeks has made me pretty stir crazy. At least the snow provided a different view when I looked out the windows! It was beautiful!

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Amy G said...

It is amazing how different she looks already, she is so cute. It is hard to have a baby in the winter because all you want to do it get out of the house, I was the same way. Hopefully soon it will be good walking weather for you and you guys can get out of the house.