Sunday, December 27, 2009


TWO more days!!!

I think we actually finished our baby shopping today. Just in time, right? We just needed one or two more things: play yard sheets, and a special mirror for the back seat to watch Allie since she has to be rear-facing for awhile. I'm so glad to have officially checked those last two things off of the list!

I think we've finally recovered from Christmas. Christmas day was busy, and so fun! We enjoyed our annual Christmas breakfast at Memaw's, followed by one-at-a-time gift-giving. Then, we went out to Adam's Dad's place for a late lunch and more fun presents! It was a great day! Adam and I got one another new watches, and neither of us even knew it! Mine is so fun! It's white-faced with a white band, and rhinestones all around the face. I love it! We were definitely blessed this Christmas. I think the most popular gift at our house, however, is Jack's hamburger. I bought dollar-store plush burgers for our dogs to tear apart on Christmas morning, and our youngest dog, Jack, has yet to let his out of his sight! He carries it everywhere, squeezing the squeaker inside all the while. Best dollar I ever spent!

We were actually able to get all of our Christmas decor put away this weekend, so we won't have to worry about that once we get our precious girl home. I always get a little sad throwing out the Christmas tree and putting away all of the festive ornaments and stockings, but it sure is nice to have everything cleaned up. A trip to Home Depot yesterday even brought about a new living room rug! We needed a new one so badly, and I love things like that that can bring so much change to a room. There are a lot of changes going on around here, so it only seems fitting that the house should look different, too.

I've been blessed to be able to sleep really well the past couple of nights, and I pray that continues this week. I know I probably won't be able to get much rest Tuesday night since we'll be in the hospital already, but I am trusting God to be my sustainer and helper, and to provide every ounce of energy and strength I will need to be able to get Allie here safe and healthy! He has been so abundantly faithful thus far, and I will continue to trust his unchanging faithfulness!

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