Thursday, December 17, 2009

17: Nesting

Okay, so all through my pregnancy, I've heard about this "burst of energy" that comes at the end of your pregnancy when you're nesting. It hit today!

Today, I...

  • Went to the gym and completed 1.6 miles on the elliptical, along with doing leg weights and arm curls.
  • Got ready and went to the dermatologist. (I have a spot on my leg that Dr. Kolar was concerned big deal.)
  • Left from there and went to Babies R Us to pick up a few things we've been putting off: 1) A first aid/grooming kit for Allie 2) Some ahh-mazing smelling Dreft detergent to wash a few of Allie's blankets and clothes in before she gets here.
  • From BRU, I headed to Hulen Mall to purchase a couple of last minute Christmas gifts. Yes, a week before Christmas feels "last minute" to me.
  • Around 1:00, I finally made it home for some much needed lunch, and enjoyed some tasty Taco Soup.
  • The house was in crazy disarray, and I somehow still had a good bit of energy, so I decided to get some cleaning done.
  • Made the bed, cleaned up all of the dogs' blankets and beds, did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen countertops, cleaned the table, put away all of the Christmas gift-wrap that has been littering the table for several days, then looked to the living room.
  • I cleaned up 3-4 water bottles that have been lingering on the coffee table, did some dusting, and then made my way to the computer nook.
  • There, I took everything off the shelves, dusted with the Swiffer duster, dusted with a rag, threw some things out, then re-arranged everything on the shelves.
  • Finally, I made it to Allie's room. I did a load of her laundry (some receiving blankets and clothes that were stiff and needed to be washed prior to use).
  • I finally cleaned off her armoire, set up the little basket with diapers and wipes ready to go, folded the laundry, and put it away.
  • About that time, Adam got home. I started dinner about half an hour later, then we cleaned up, and then I finally sat down.
As you can probably tell, I'm still (somehow) wide awake! It's nearly 10:00, usually my bedtime, and I'm typing away.

I'm so thankful for this energy, whether or not it's a "sign of labor" like so many say. I haven't felt this accomplished in a long while!

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