Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Learning to Listen

For around 5 weeks now, I have been battling a cough. It's the same cough that tends to visit me around this time every year or two, and it loves me so much, it sticks around for weeks on end. It began with an awful chest cold, developed into a cough, and then almost 3 weeks ago, led to (what we believe to be) a fractured rib because the cough is so intense.

I hated to have to take medicine, because of baby Allie, but it has been necessary for me to live on Robitussin from time to time! I am so thankful for a wise doctor who I can trust, though.

For the better part of the past 5 weeks, Adam has encouraged me not to talk. Talking seems to lead to coughing, so it just makes more sense to avoid talking altogether. Let me tell you - when every cough brings a stabbing pain in your rib, and talking leads to coughing - you think twice about whether or not you really need to speak!

Proverbs 10:19 says "When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise." I promise you, I am not often wise in this respect. My words are, more often than not, many. What I've learned in these past weeks is how much of my usual speech is completely unnecessary. When I'm listening to a conversation, and I have something to add, I carefully consider if it's worth it for the physical pain it might bring. It's a tough way to learn a tough lesson, but I'm thankful that the Lord is teaching me to tame my ever-busy tongue.

I've learned that my time alone in the car can be quiet and prayerful instead of being filled with end-to-end phone calls. I've learned that sitting quietly with my husband at the dinner table can be even more relaxing and enjoyable than a good conversation. I've learned that over half of the things I want to say on a whim are not deemed "worth it". I've learned how to be a better listener to those around me - without interrupting or waiting for the next lull in conversation to add my two cents.

Hopefully, I've learned just a little more about what it means to be a Titus 2 woman of God with a gentle and QUIET spirit.

Though I'm thankful to finally be feeling better, I pray I will continue to listen more than I speak, and to consider my words as wisely as I have over the past few weeks.


megs said...

there's a lot of wisdom there tori... I'm sorry you had that cough but what a crazy cool lesson to learn from it!

daniel said...

I know I need to learn this lesson. I've been praying for this!