Tuesday, October 27, 2009

30 Weeks!

This past month has been a very busy one! We were able to take a wonderful "babymoon" vacation with our good friends, Laura & Jordan for a week. We had a big baby shower, and have baby Allie's room well on its' way to completion. By "well on it's way" I mean "I've sewn 3/7 of the crib bumper pads, and we've ordered some things to go on the wall." A little over a week ago, Adam & his Dad worked hard all day removing our old, drafty sliding glass back door, and replacing it with a beautiful new one!

Fewf! We've had a lot going on for sure!

This past Sunday, October 25th, we reached a milestone in this pregnancy: 30 Weeks! This coming Sunday will be another milestone, when our "weekly countdown" makes its' way into the single digits.

I have been so blessed to get great reports from the doctor at all of my appointments thus far, and she told me this morning I "look perfect", which every woman loves to hear! This sweet, growing baby girl has been waking me up between 6 and 7 nearly every morning for about a week now by dancing all over the place. I love each and every movement, even when they cause me to miss sleep. Waking up early is much better than being up for hours on end in the middle of the night, after all! She likes to curl up at night into what feels like a big ball on either side of my belly. Sometimes I feel like she's trying to burst through my stomach because she's pressing so hard! I can't wait to see the movements she's in the habit of making when I can see all her little arms and legs!

I can't begin to wrap my head around the fact that baby Allie will be here in a little over 9 weeks! Her arrival is getting so close! I can't decide if the due date getting closer makes the reality of Allie's birth seem more dream-like or makes the reality really sink in. A little of both, I suppose. I have absolutely never been so excited! Adam and I are spending time every night praying for her development, her growth, her safe and healthy arrival, and lately...that she doesn't take her time in getting here!

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