Saturday, January 24, 2009

Change Has Come

Should we all count how many times we've heard that phrase over the past week?

Last Tuesday, the world watched as the first African-American President of the United States was inaugurated. It was, undoubtedly, an historical occasion for our country. All of the newscasters on every station have spoken endlessly about this "change" that has come to America. It will be interesting to see what kind of change it turns out to be...

Change has come to the Rieger household this year, too. Last Fall, we prayerfully left our home church and began attending Milestone Church in Keller. The drive alone was enough to deter us from going back. It takes us right around a half hour to get there, which is a drastic difference when compared to the six or seven minutes it took to get to Birchman! After much prayer, and many weeks of seeking God's clear direction, we will join Milestone sometime in the next couple of weeks.

It has been nothing short of incredible to see God's hand on this move. He has confirmed, over and over again, in so many different ways, that it is exactly where we are called to be. Whether through a first-time desire to spend time in His Word, new friendships, or a renewed love for worshipping Him in song, He has made His direction very clear to us.

I am so excited to be a part of this new family, and to know beyond any doubt that Jesus led us to it!


Hayley McCarthy said...

I am always crying when I read your blog! It's probably because it's so sincere. I am so glad you guys are there and can't wait to see what God brings.

Tori said...

Aw, thanks for your tender heart, Hayley. We're so excited to see all that God has for us at Milestone!